Current Openings

Location: Vadodara, India

Total Experience: 2+ Years

We are looking for engineers who can:

  •   Write code to automate, run the existing test code, and triage test failure, finding patterns using various data methodologies from the test results.
  •   Passionate about automating the tests to break the software and who can work equally and effectively in both development and testing roles.
  •   Continuously write, test, and fix the written code.

Job Responsibilities:

  •   Analyzes Root causes for Test Failures and proposes solutions.
  •   Designs and implements solutions to fix Test Failures.
  •   Designs and develops Test Plans and Test Cases for Windows Components and Applications.
  •   Performs Testing Procedures and Processes.
  •   Evaluates and reports Test Results.
  •   Responsible for troubleshooting Test run failures with root cause identification and use various data related technologies to find patterns for issues.
  •   Use Machine learning techniques to find patterns of the problems and prevent them from happening for the future.

Technical Skills:

  •   Development experience in C#/C/C++ with strong programming skills.
  •   Knowledge of scripting like JavaScript.
  •   Troubleshoot issues.
  •   Ability to solve technical problems independently in areas of ownership.
  •   Background on Server technologies is plus.
  •   Knowledge of Software Development and Quality Assurance Practices.
  •   Excellent verbal and written English communication skills.
  •   Ability to organize written information (e-mails) for clarity, precision and interest.
  •   Various data methodologies to query multiple sources of data for finding patterns, generating reports.
  •   Knowledge of PowerShell is plus.

Location:  Redmond, USA

Total Experience: 2+ Years

Job Roles and Responsibilities:

  •   Flash devices with different images, drivers etc.
  •   Smoke test builds, drivers and devices.
  •   Ad hoc tests – Microsoft apps, external apps.
  •   Designing test cases for new features / modifying tests cases.
  •   Collecting logs from devices. Attaching logs to Bugs / sending it to developer.
  •   Bug repro.
  •   File clear actionable bugs.
  •   Creating test report.
  •   Work with dev team for providing testing support.
  •   Testing apps on Windows and devices.
  •   Power shell scripting to automate task.
  •   Create reports using Power BI.
  •   Good communication skill.
  •   Familiar UEFI, device power states, drivers, kernel debugger, collection of ETL logs.
  •   Self-learner, excellent problem solving ability and operational excellence.
  •   Strong analytical and team collaboration skills with excellent oral and written communication skill.

Location:   Vadodara, India

Total Experience: 1+ Years

Required Skills:

  •   1-3 years of Experience with Flutter & Dart.
  •   3-5 years mobile app development experience (iOS, Android).
  •   Experience in publishing and managing mobile application on play store and App store.
  •   Experience of handling location services, notifications, REST APIs Integration.
  •   Experience with Firebase Services.
  •   Knowledge of integrating with common APIs like Stripe, Braintree, Google, Facebook etc.
  •   Knowledge of Git / Version control.
  •   Knowledge with SQLite, Sembast or other NoSQL databases.
  •   Strong knowledge of Design Principles, Patterns and Best Practice.
  •   Good Communication Skills.


  •   Produce fully functional mobile applications writing clean code.
  •   Debugging and improving application performance and code optimization.
  •   Designing interfaces for improving user experience.
  •   Ensure beast practices and quality standards.
  •   Working independently as well as in team.
  •   Adapting new technologies to improve development efficiency.

Location:   Vadodara, India

Total Experience: 2+ Years

Job Responsibilities:

  •   Ability to rapidly prototype and adjust in response to customers’ feedback.
  •   Strong analytical and team collaboration skills with excellent oral and written communication skills.
  •   Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills.
  •   Skilled with common front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, and NodeJS).
  •   Familiarity with newer specifications of ECMAScript.
  •   Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.
  •   Knowledge of unit testing best practices (Jest and react testing library) to ensure the product is of the highest quality.
  •   Experience with C#/.NET.
  •   Familiarity with RESTful APIs.
  •   Genuinely excited about technology, have a strong interest in learning about and playing with the latest technologies and building compelling web applications and UI.

Required Qualifications:

  •   Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related technical discipline (or equivalent experience).
  •   1+ years of Web applications design and development experience.
  •   Experience building reusable UX components or libraries.
  •   Experience building scalable, distributed, front-end experiences.
  •   Strong analytical and team collaboration skills with excellent oral and written communication skills.
  •   Must have experience in any of the JS Framework (ReactJS, Angular 2+, Vue).

Location:  Vadodara, India & Redmond, USA

Total Experience: 6+ Years

Job Responsibilities:

  •   Align to Client SDLC process, Agile or Waterfall or anything that is followed by the group.
  •   Active Development KPI monitoring and maintaining levels set per project.
  •   Identify gaps in quality, throughput per project.
  •   Maintaining weekly delivery targets specified per project.
  •   Reporting and Good in Communications.
  •   Recommendations of technology and process improvements.
  •   Analysis and proactive reporting and resolution of potential issues.
  •   Knowledge of Azure service fabric, Redux, Fluent components.

Required Qualifications:

  •   Deep Experience in developing with MVC/MVVM frameworks (ReactJS with Typescript.).
  •   6+ years of experience in a senior software or web development role.
  •   Self-motivated and Good in communication. Join on immediate basis.
  •   Experience in C# and backend infrastructure.
  •   Experience in functional UI tests best practices(C#, Selenium) to ensure the product is of the highest quality.

Location:  Redmond, USA

Total Experience: 4+ Years

Duration: 9+ Months Contract - Remote Work

Job Responsibilities and Requirements:

  •   6-8 Years of IT experience.
  •   4 years of extensive experience as Hadoop Developer.
  •   Development experience in Python coding using various versions and features (Numpy and Pandas).
  •   Create and optimize data pipelines in OOZIE Framework.
  •   Experience in handling structured and unstructured/semi structured data(flat file, json, XML, binary files).
  •   Knowledge of Linux and strong command line abilities.
  •   Experience is sourcing data from RDBMS (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, etc.,) to data lake.
  •   In depth knowledge of Hadoop Architecture frameworks and various components such as HDFS, Pig, Hive, IMPALA, SQL, Sqoop, Python Scripting, Spark,UDF (User Defined Functions) development and map Reduce concepts.
  •   Individual with strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.
  •   Build Artifacts and deploy using CICD pipeline.
  •   Hands on experience in CDH distribution.



The DREVOL team is a truly world wide team with experts bringing in the essence of diverse cultures and ethnicities. DREVOL welcomes people with different abilities, orientations & preferences to become the DREVOL Team - Global, Inclusive & Diverse.
With competencies based employment opportunities focused on your special niches with the brand new philosophy of Work Life Integration, there is no looking back for you once onboarded.

  • Mentoring You

    Mentoring and enabling to build life skills come first at DREVOL and we know that the rest will follow.We believe that our DREVOL bound to yours establishes us as a global team. Empowering you, means empowering us.

  • Grooming You

    At DREVOL you unite with our cohesive teams to curate & live a culture powered by kinship, mentoring and high moral values making each individual a self-motivated one leading every other. With new challenges & learnings blended in into your journey every day your experience at DREVOL becomes an unforgettable one!

  • Growing You

    At DREVOL, we believe our success is measured through our people and their expertise. We offer you the opportunities to discover your own skills & enhance your potentials by empowering you to become more with appropriate exposure & ongoing education.

The DREVOL Recruitment Process


DREVOL recruitment process sets out to identify passionate individuals with the values, ethics & discipline standards matching ours. We are on the look out for creative minds to help us in our mission of bringing in disruptive changes to the enterprises of our global clientele by putting Technology First.

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