Cloud DevOps


Enterprises move towards Cloud for the much required agility in businesses especially with digital transformations strategized. The speed & efficiency at which Cloud helps adoptions of technology and the transitions of processes largely depends on the agility of the Cloud services themselves and the development strategies of these. DevOps is the most reliable approach in Cloud as in any software methodology to keep in sync the expectations from the solution and the design & development of these without any compromises in QC & testing. Adopting approaches based on continuous integration, continuous delivery and monitoring keeps your Cloud solution deployed with the latest updates at all times.

Cloud DevOps Consulting

Our DevOps Consulting Services helps enterprises bring in improved efficiency, quicker time to market and increased reliability into their Cloud based offerings. Our DevOps Cloud Consulting services include maturity model, architectural consulting, microservices and strategy building.

Cloud DevOps Design to Deployment

Continuous Integration

We quicken the pace of experts merging their contributions to your enterprise solutions to a working deployment over the Cloud. The key goal is to quicken the pace of quality checks, improve software reliability and reduce the time taken to validate and deliver software.

Continuous Delivery

With our continuous delivery approach, teams deliver better Cloud solutions by deploying rapidly, reliably, and repeatedly with minimal human intervention. It expands upon continuous integration by deploying all code changes to a testing environment after a stage build with automation at its core.


Our Cloud monitoring assist to capture and analyze data generated by applications & help to pinpoint the root causes of emerging issues fast, ensure reliability.

Cloud DevOps Managed Services

DREVOL Cloud DevOps managed services include end to end management right from applications to infrastructure of your Cloud initiatives. With a reliable global Cloud experts available to collaborate, managed services become instrumental to allow your core teams to focus on bringing in innovations into the enterprise, while we focus on keeping things on track.