Voice And Speech


Optimize voice-enabled services with high-quality audio data sets curated by specialized language professionals located across diverse demographics. DREVOL collects, annotates and validates multilingual audio samples with distinguishable time stamping and speaker identification to transpire meaningfulness of every audio seconds. Our in-built transcription & translation tools give you complete control over customization and handling of audio data-sets with accessibility to generate highly effective voice-driven services for intelligent interfaces across processes.


Capture sheer value from your recorded audio wit high quality transcription solutions. DREVOL provides industry leading transcription quality by utilizing human-intelligence from multitude of backgrounds and demographics to ensure enterprise expectations. With our hands-on experience in transcription with well-established and regularly updated quality assurance system provide wider variety of transcription while maintaining high accuracies at fast turnaround time.


Overcome geographical linguistic barriers with professional language interpretation and translation solutions. DREVOL fosters native linguistic experts with keen eye for details tailoring diverse segmentations of cultural contexts and verbatim with ability to understand complex terminologies such as slangs, expressions and subtleties adhering to quality standards and objectives that are in-line with your business needs.