Natural Language Processing


Enable intelligent linguistic processing solutions by uncovering valuable insights and solving the challenges of unstructured linguistic data. DREVOL NLP solutions empowers language processing services to comprehend all linguistic aspects of text, voice and conversations to extract entity dependencies & relations, keywords, sentiments and contextual syntax & semantics by deploying intuitive AI offerings complementing the enterprise agility by building highly interactive digital experiences for all.
DREVOL delivers unique blend of natural language understanding solutions with human-in-the-loop support equipped with proven expertise and demographical linguistic competencies to integrate AI-driven NLP solutions in your business operations.

Social Media Listening

Optimize customer social experience with steadfast user engagement strategies to successfully promote & deliver business services. DREVOL drives trend setting social media listening operations to help you monitor & manage social conversations to gain insights on consumer sentiments and drive engaging social media campaigns.Social media,it goes without saying is the gateway to all digital marketing strategies.

Search Engine Relevance

Deliver seamless search engine experience by gaining precise understanding of user search queries. DREVOL provides meticulous search engine relevancy solutions for identifying accurate & in context meaning of user query intent and consider prevailing global trends to drive your search result algorithms perform efficiently.Better engagement on search engines builds powerful audiences for your enterprise.