Cloud Migration

DREVOL Cloud Migration Services designs adoption strategies tailored to meet specific objectives of customers. From lift & shift to migration, optimization and automation, we are the trusted advisors & partners of Fortune 100 enterprise clients throughout their Cloud journey with streamlined migrations with minimal disruptions.

Cloud Migration Process


● Audit environment, identify applications for migration, risk assessment, assess application usage, configuration and also include dependencies and script.

Planning & Design

● Analyze existing assets and evaluate prerequisites to make a supporting cloud design.

● Streamlining details to understand the risk, effort and budget to develop architecture, conduct pilot and schedule migration.

Migration & Testing

● Initiate migration based on best practices & standardized processes. Analyze and migrate all databases, document codes & configurations.

● Conduct tests to identify potential gaps and mitigate risks.

Deploy & Optimize

● Close monitoring of day to day issues after Go Live with clear approach for optimized & efficient performances.

● Quick scale ups become a part of the deployment strategy