Internet of Things

In this era where barriers between physical and digital world are diminished by fast-paced, hyper connected world, IoT has Spawned an era of true convergence. Leverage our IoT Services to boost your operational efficiencies and transform your business models.

DREVOL Internet of Things service enables enterprises to transform business needs by delivering innovative IoT powered solutions. DREVOL IoT service empower organizations to connect and scale with efficiency, Improve decision making with augmented intelligence.

IoT Consulting for Digital Transformation

Embark on best insights and requirement elicitation for accelerating IoT business strategies provided by our expert consultants. Providing Business Process modelling with technology and process consulting. With the Desired business objectives to achieved, DREVOL demonstrate the transformation potential and IoT solution roadmap to business management.

Integration & Implementation

Depending on requirements to the functionality of IoT services DREVOL provides IoT as service solution from enabling communication between smart things and cloud services to integrating IoT solutions using expertise in technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Analytics & Insights

Generating actionable insights for our clients & deploy analytics of offered solutions to optimize the productivity. DREVOL provides Data analytics service including Big Data analytics and Predictive analytics service powerd by AI-enabled tools to provide real time edge services which generates actionable insights available to enterprises directs them to make decision making and business optimization.

Edge Computing

Edge computing for improving data processing of Big Data systems by performing it at the edge of the network, closer to the source of the data. Through the compounding power of AI IoT solution , DREVOL IoT platform which is smarter through machine learning technology offers meaningful insights in data. Edge processing solutions empowers processes with of IoT data that explores the entire journey of the enterprise.