Artificial Intelligence

Emulating the Human Acumen like Never Before

Advancements of Artificial Intelligence practices makes business processes automation, augmented humans and the benefits from these a practical reality. Processes become more efficient, self-reliant and insightful in every aspect of diverse industries assuring disruptive changes across organizations by converging trailblazing technology approaches making AI an indispensable element for ingenious business outcomes.

DREVOL facilitates a wide range of AI offerings to assist enterprises adopt & implement emerging cognitive practices to drive better business outcomes. We offer you the untapped potentials of AI solutions in tune with diverse business requirements to enable unprecedented value realizations.

  Computer Vision

Video object tracking | Video Analytics | Image Recognition

Automate cognitive models to recognize, extract and generate actionable insights from videos and images with advanced visual analytics models equipped to identify visual entities & their features with unmatched results. DREVOL computer vision solutions seamlessly integrate with top-notch diagnostics software to carry out incomparable object categorization, feature extraction, segmentation & pattern recognition with object identification powered by advanced machine learning algorithms.

  Natural Language Processing

CHATBOTS | Search Engine Relevance | Social Media Listening | Fraud Detection

DREVOL NLP & Comprehension services consists various techniques to analyze different fragments of semantics such as sentiments, entities, intents and parts of speech supplemented by competencies of processing natural language with vast coverage of lexicons, morphologies and grammar helping you integrate search relevance, custom chatbots, social media listening, sentiment analysis, fraud detection systems and auto response systems with powerful understanding and unprecedented accuracies.

Speech and Audio

Transcription | Translation

DREVOL fosters domain specific voice & speech based AI solutions with excellent adaptability to varying speech styles and accents. With diligent customization of voice & linguistic components we deliver conversational speech recognition offerings with superlative accuracy. Our expertise lies in speech collection, speech annotation, speech emotion detection and voice recognition operations by achieving human parity in linguistic modules.