Machine Learning

Exploring the Potentials of Data & Human Intelligence

DREVOL Machine Learning models tapping human behavior & intelligence empower our Artificial Intelligence offerings to bring in cognitive automation for the real world helping enterprises improve engagement with customers and strengthen their presence across global markets.

We offer comprehensive data processing services including data collection, data translation, data labelling & annotation with careful identification of minute details and meaningful patterns from provided data sets to unveil insights crucial to supplement machine learning models supporting specific requirements of the enterprises. The DREVOL Crowd, a Human in the Loop workforce across diverse geographies ensure the perfect blend of context in interpreting data to bring in the relevance mandatory.

Our compliance commitments ensure data privacy fulfilling all policy requirements and criterions of prevailing Machine Learning best practices.

Data Creation & Collection

Images | Videos | Speech | Audio | Text

DREVOL enables fully secure data collection platforms to generate large volume of structured data finely curated in customizable formats to build industry leading machine learning modules. Rapid and qualitative deliverables being at the core of our values, we facilitate global coverage of markets across multiple data types including image, video, speech, audio and text.

Data Labelling & Annotation

Human Assisted | High Quality | Secure

DREVOL data collection experts search, analyze and contextualize data available on various channels to create reliable data sets for training models. Niche data collection tools & APIs become a part of the service offering stack for ML geared to cater to diverse requirements.

Data Enrichment

Demographic Enrichment | Geographic Enrichment

Construct steadfast AI and machine learning applications with meticulous crafted data categorization solutions. DREVOL provides high-quality data-labeling services with human assisted annotation for variety of datatypes consisting of text, audio, speech, images and video to optimize enterprise level machine learning models trained for speech recognition, natural language processing, computer vision and search engine relevance solutions.