Data Enrichment

Drive data-intensive campaigns to build robust data, giving enterprises unique and differentiated advantage. Data enrichment solutions helps businesses to make strategic decisions by encompassing in-depth analysis of geographical, demographical & behavioral raw data and organizing comprehensive cleaning & enhancement processes by eliminating data anomalies and appending lacking crucial information.

DREVOL offers extensive data enrichment services by utilizing tested methodologies to eliminate data redundancies in your databases and evolving thorough attribute development & extraction through industry oriented data experts bridging the gaps in existing databases. By incorporating intuitive attribute classification & appending to existing datasets with prevailing demographic and socio economic insights, DREVOL enables enterprises to maintain data consistency throughout all core AI driven processes.


Data Verification and Validation

DREVOL utilizes licensed and certified data validation & verification practices to carryout detailed evaluation of critical datasets used in training algorithms . Our data researchers derive extensive database reviews capturing wrong & invalid entries with painstaking attention to ensure legitimate database formulation with high levels of accuracy.

Data Appending and Interlinking

Create deeper understanding of your needs & assets with in-depth attribute interlinking. DREVOL transpires attributes factually related to enterprise campaigns to execute interlinking & appending of information complementing the records. Our enriched & updated data catering to industry specific requirements enables engaging cognitive campaigns.

Duplicate and Outdated Data Elimination

Deploying AI driven enterprise campaigns with data errors such as data duplicities and outdated or obsolete data points is responsible for inefficient performances. DREVOL carries out rigorous analysis methods aimed specifically to eliminate such data discrepancies by leveraging potential of enhanced enrichment tools.

Multiple Data Source Consolidation

DREVOL adopts a systematic approach by rigorous quality checks through divergent data points & attributes to verify database consistency. DREVOL consolidates product attributes, images and project specifications from multiple data sources into secure repositories to interpret & optimize campaign specific segmentations.