Crowd as A Service

Drevol Crowd as a Service comes as one of the most reliable, high quality delivery services spread across 20+ markets. With a Crowd of versatile skills & domain expertise located in 28+ countries with linguistic abilities in about 18+ languages, the training data generated becomes one of the most sought after in the world.

Crowd Platform

Creating an outreach to a diverse pool of resources to complement the comprehensive data services for machine learning needs requires the assurance of easy scale up & down of a large Crowd and rigorous assessments with stringent continuous training of the people identified. Niche skills & domain expertise assessments also ensure mapping of appropriate resources to the jobs on hand.

Drevol Crowd Platform is carefully curated to attend to the needs of CrowdSourcing and Managed Services on offer with data security & privacy complied with unquestionably.

Managed Services

Resources working on-site or remote to suit the project security & complexity requirements managed through our Crowd Platform assures indisputable highquality bars. This service is found most reliable for very complex projects involving intricate decision structures and specialized domain expertise.

Crowd Sourcing

A large number of crowdsourced experts identified, trained and delivering jobs on the Drevol Crowd Platform sum up one of the most reliable pool of skilled humans satisfying training model needs with data annotation, data collection and creation services across markets and langauges.

With proven methodologies to segregate micro & macro tasks and automated skills & performance based jobs allocation, the training data quality is maintained to ensure successful machine learning model outcomes.